Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Posing a locomotive

Class 37
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The PVA is dry. The grass is still sticking up. Now I can pose model locomotives on my little bit of track.

For a "quickie" project I'm quite pleased with the results. I suppose the track would have been better I've I'd built it from C&L bits so it had rail chairs. Perhaps a little more weathering could be carried out. All this though is besides the point - all I wanted was a display board and not to spend the rest of my life building it. This is the killer for many people - they pick a huge project that never seems to progress. I've always been an advocate of smaller layouts which show results fast. While I love Pendon, I don't have the modelling stamina to contemplate that sort of thing.

And, the work meant I've removed a tennis racket sized bag containing the Maplin fly swat and replaced it with my Ganja Grasser, a tool that will see a lot more action in the future.

Oh, and yes I know the back bogie isn't on the track properly in the photo. I had to re-take it later in the day to do it properly.

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