Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oily rag

Lady FrancisHere's a Sunday poser for you. How would you replicate the effect seen on this miniature traction engine, on a model ?

I'm talking about the oily sheen with dirt hanging on around the boiler bands an rivets. In real life this is simple - wipe the item over with an oily rag, buffing to a shine. It's both clean and dirty at the same time.

In theory the trick is to work on a gloss or shiny satin paint job. Then wash over with some black, presumably sating finish. Finish by wiping the black off with a cotton bud or similar to simulate the cleaning process.

Trouble is, this never works for me. And I've tried many times. What I end up with is streaky dirt and generally matt dirt at that. What I want is the effect of paint that is being seen through a translucent oily sheen. And an idiot-proof way of achieving this.

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Christopher said...

I've just seen your blog entry about replicating an "oily sheen"
using paint. Can I suggest black-tinted satin varnish, slightly
thinned? Wipe off with a cotton bud as before. This would have
to be oil-based varnish rather than acrylic.

The usual disclaimer is that I've not tried this, but I've seen
some rusty weathering using brown-tinted matt varnish on steel
mineral wagons that I rather liked the look of. :-)