Friday, July 17, 2009

Etched plates

Etched plates
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The makers plates on the Ruston are supplied on the main etch. They are very nicely done but of course, need painting.

Once clipped out and cleaned up I fixed them to a bit of wood with double sided tape. Then the colours were slopped into the appropriate areas. No great care is required, just making sure that the red and black areas stay separate.

Once the paint is dry I like to carefully scrape the raised surface of the edge and text. This won't get everything off so a gentle polishing with a jewelers smoothing stick. This is a bit of wood with fine emery paper stick to the surface and they are available in loads of grades. Mine came from a shop in the Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham but I think some of the model railway tool suppliers also sell them.

Experts will have spotted that the fancy signs aren't correct - the bottom red bit should be oval rather than round. There should be an extra section in the RH bit too. However they look the part and perfection would involve getting some custom plates etched. That costs money and takes a lot of time. Were this a museum piece then it would be worth it but then the cost would be a drop in a far larger bill !

Anyway, I think they look smashing and add a lot to the finished model.

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