Friday, July 29, 2011

Abandoned railway van

Rotten Van

Friday randoms this week are more random than normal. These photos were taken on a camera so old that it used film - Probably a Zenith 12 or Possibly a Practika.

Can you beleive it kids ? Yes, once upon a time we used to have to put canisters of film, 24 or 36 shots worth, in the back of a camera and once these had been used, take them to a camera shop to see what we got. Nothing instant either, unless you wanted to risk a dreaded 1 hour photo machine, it could take DAYS.

Anyway, these photos clearly show an old railway wagon in a serious state of decay. I'm struggling to identify the prototype, first thoughts are an LMS 12-ton van but the crossed strapping on the ends make me think perhaps not. Suggestions would be appreciated from the wagon buffs out there.

If it helps, this was spotted in Scotland, somewhere on the west coast, about 10-12 years ago. By now it's probably nothing more than rust dust. Let's face it, it was hardly in pristine condition when I saw it !

Rotten Van 2


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, this looks as though it could be an LMS Diagram 1664 van -- Cambrian make a plastic kit for it in 4 mm scale.


mog said...

Can't help with the prototype.. but I've been thinking for a while that these things are all over the countryside - we hardly notice them. But they are also disappearing pretty fast. It would be an interesting exercise to document them.. either via a 'send in your pics and position' type website, or even a book.