Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bracket mysteries

Mystery brackets

Last week I showed the horror that was my workbench, buried as it was in "stuff". Since then, I have finished the projects I was working on and tidied up. My bin is full but my work area is sort of tidy.

While mucking out I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out what should go and what should stay. I was pretty harsh on the basis that my collection of random odd-sized nuts, bolts and screws is big enough already and doesn't seem to be depleted ever. Likewise, random left over plastic bits from kits seem to go into a drawer because they might be useful, and rarely do they prove to be so they can go out as well.

In one corner though, I found these brackets. They obviously came with something and were important enough for me to save from the bin. I just can't remember what the heck they are.

Now they must have come from something, probably DIY related and since you, the readers of this blog, are practical people, I wondered if anyone out there would like to suggest what they might be. And if I should keep them.


Peppergroyne said...

They look like some form of shelf/box support. Screw the bracket to a wall and then hang/slot things onto it.

Going Loco said...

You use them in pairs. As Peppergroyne said, fix one to a wall and fix the other upside-down to what you want to hang. They then slot together. I think they are used for more heavy duty pictures. In theory you could use them to hold baseboards together but you would have to get your carpentry spot on and I find that very hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, There for fixing pictures/mirrors to walls in pairs - Ying Yang

Regards Richard