Thursday, July 07, 2011

Perfect World Scenics Village Well

Wishing WellI've not added anything to the garden railway for a while so with an afternoon to spare, I dug out this kit by Perfect World Scenics for a Village Well hoping it would provide a quick and easy project. I was right.

The kit is cast in polyester resin which is a nice material to work with for modellers and should stand up to the weather OK. The base is a single casting with all the woodwork being constructed from various separate parts. The roof is very nice in that it has a solid resin "tent" at it's core to which the side supports are fixed. It's then topped with very nicely moulded roof panels. If I have a quibble, it's that these represent wooden shingles rather than a more traditional British slate or tile finish.

All the parts fitted OK once cleaned up. The slots in the uprights for the diagonal parts had to be files out a fit for a decent fit but nothing that should cause people much difficulty.All fixing is with superglue. For extra security the "wooden" joints are drilled and pinned with plastic rod. This leaves some nice looking "pegs" just like the real thing would have if it pre-dated the age of nails and screws.

Painting was carried out with acrylic paints. A grey/brown base dry-brushed with beige's, browns and yellows.

Construction time including painting is probably only around 3 hours.

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