Friday, July 15, 2011

Hunslet shunting

Hunslet Shunting

A random picture ? Yes indeed, welcome to the first "Random Friday" where I put up pictures of stuff that I've been sticking in front of the new Nikon. Well, I've got to get used to it sometime and I still can't find all the buttons or work out what the modes are !

Anyway, what we have here is a Silver Fox resin kit for a Hunslet Dock Shunter propelling a scratchbuilt LSWR ballast wagon. As a beginners loco kit, this is lovely, one resin lump which you stick on a SPUD. The only modification was to drop the whole thing down a little to get those side skirts a bit closer to the rails.

The wagon is made from plasticard and probably a little over-distressed. Those top edges look like someone has been chewing at them and the buffer beam has taken a wallop, although the buffers are still level. Hmmmm.

Behind we have a shockvan courtesy of Bachmann I think. It's a nice model and after changing the couplings to Spratt & Winkles, I've used it many times on different model railways. I don't think I even changed the wheels as they were good enough for the trackwork. That's the thing with modern RTR, a quick weather and it's good to go.

If you want a bigger image, just click on the picture.

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