Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foxdale progress

Crossover progress

Over on the Foxdale desk, my Dad is making great progress on the fancy crossover section of the track. All the points around the crossover are in place and some even have switch blades.

The wagon I completed at Hartlepool runs as well as my original test item and we now have a nice little train on the layout. If I can get around to sorting out the couplings, maybe we can even connect it up.

On a technical note, Parker senior was really struggling with the soldering until I spotted he was using a cheapo lead free solder. Switching it for some normal lead/tin stuff helped enormously. If he was using something bigger than an 18W iron, or the solder had been made up with solver in the mix, all would have been well. As it was, it wasn't. So kids, get some old fashioned solder, just remember not to suck the end of it.

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