Monday, July 04, 2011

Double O Gauge AGT 2011

Last Saturday was my annual trip down to London for the annual get together of the Double O Gauge Association (DOGA). Every year we meet up to have a nice brief meeting followed by a longer chat in the pub about toy trains and stuff.

My role during the day is to run the modelling competition. We have 5 classes and attracted over 30 entries in total. Members bring their models along and an hour or so later they vote on the ones they think are the best. Then I announce the results, take photos and everyone is happy.

The photos will eventually appear on the website but I thought I share a couple with you now.

The first is a HR Drummond 0-4-4T built from a Jidenco brass kit by Alan Harding. He won the kitbuilt and scratchbuilt locomotives class with this. Hardly surprising when you consider many people think of Jidenco kits as little more than scratchbuilding aids, or a box of bits of brass that might bear some relationship to the model you would like to build. As you can see, in the right hands, a very impressive model can result.

The other that caught my eye was this BR 13T open wagon by Tony Newton. An Airfix RTR model with a bit of detail and weathering isn't an exciting project but the model is atmospheric and looks lovely.

Seeing the models on display is quite an encouragement to get on and produce something special for next years event. I wonder if I can find any kits...

Open Wagon

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