Monday, August 01, 2011

1 hour loading bay

Loading bay

Last week I had a bit of a panic moment. A parcel sent to Hornby Magazine on Monday didn't arrive until Thursday. 1st class mail and it still takes 3 days to get from the great metropolis of Leamington Spa to the rural outskirts of Peterborough. Needless to say, by the end of Wednesday I was convinced that the Post Office had stolen or lost the package.

Inside was a little loading bay with crane for St Stephen's Road. The layout is being built to a tight deadline and losing a building, even an unimportant one, was bad news. Which is why on Thursday morning I eshewed the model boat club to make another model.

The loading bay is pretty simple. Construction starts with the steps formed from Plastruc angles stuck to the inside of the brick plasticard. Once these are OK, I make up the sides and top of the box from Dalerboard and stick the steps and wall to these. Then the rest of the components are stuck together. Finally the plasticard is fixed to the outside of this.

On the top a separate layer of card is painted a sort of concrete colour while the bricks get surfaced. This keeps the colour separation nice and tidy.

Total building time was about an hour with another 30 minutes for paint. Long enough for the message to come through that the parcel had turned up and my new model wasn't needed after all.

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