Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Modern model cars

Fresh Model CarsFor a future project I'll be needing some modern model cars. The sort of thing you find at any station nowadays. Basically a mix of executive saloons and Chelsea Tractors.

But where to find them ? Once upon a time model shops were full of the darned things, usually made by that great 80's pop group Carmarama. Now they seem to have disappeared off the market to be replaced with the excellent, but far too vintage, Oxford Diecast range.

Worse I find myself looking at Ford XR3i's and Mk1 Golfs and having to remind myself that these are not modern any more and haven't been for quite some time. I am old.

Anyway, I did manage to find some motors - a couple of German Carmaramas and a 1:87 Landrover Discovery. Sadly the former were Police vehicles and the later a bit on the small side. All we stupid shiny. I mean even around there the 4X4's are that clean !

Anyway, the Merc and BMW were stripped down and dunked in the paint stripper. The holes left from the removal of the signs filled in and then re-sprayed with car primer. A shot of black seemed good next - all Beemers are driven by evil people so what better colour ? Finally all three received a coat of satin varnish. I want clean cars in my car park. The Humbrol Satincote didn't go on as smooth as I would like but that might be down to a combination of age and inadequate mixing. Not to worry, these are only scenery. If I was really worried, I might also have to fix the fact the steering wheels are all on the wrong side...

Repainted modern cars

Incidentally, just as this post goes up, Chris Nevard does car mods as well with this excellent rundown.

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