Friday, August 05, 2011

Ruston on a short train

Ruston and wagons

Whatever happened to Saltford models ? It's a question I keep asking in the desperate hope that someone will say "I've got the moulds in my shed, would you like them ?" or "I've got a stash of their kits, would you like them ?"

Years ago, my first attempts at a garden railway were in 16mm scale using Peco SM32 track. The loco is a Saltford model kit and the wagons from Cooper Craft. The later are still available and if you fancy a large scale plastic kit then I can recommend them heartily. Like most of the range, the fit is excellent and detail superb. My understanding is that they are pretty accurate too.

The loco was rather more basic. Several sheets of plasticard and some instructions telling you how to cut the parts out. Then a few whitemetal castings finish the job and if you've been careful, a nice looking model emerges from the workbench. Power is to a single axle from a 6v motor. In the engine compartment are 4 AA batteries and that switch sticking out of the cab door is all the control available. With a top speed of not very much this is fine, especially for those of us who just like to watch the trains go by. It was a really enjoyable kit to build and well within the capabilities of a youthful Phil. Whether modern modellers would be quite so keen on such a basic model requiring a bit of effort I'm not so sure.

Eccles by the way was our cat when I was very, very, young and all my garden stock was named after pets.


Jack said...

Very nice. I have two saltford models kits waiting to be built and if they come out like your I will be chuffed. Do you still have yours?
I also wished saltford models still exisited and have thought many times of doing s imilar thing but with resin castings! Keep up the absolutley brilliant modelling, if i could model like that......

Phil Parker said...

Jack - I still have all my Saltford kits (this loco and a set of wagons) in a box somewhere. One day they will have a railway to run on again.

Doing a similar thing with resin is very viable. The biggest problem is with the wheels but I suppose these could be bought it. However I could never buy in the graphic abilities and sense of humour of Brian, something that really made these quirky kits so fun.