Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sprinters they are a-changing

Sprinter and DMU

The BBC report that my local railway line is due for some new trains. The new rolling stock will be replacing the 25 year old Sprinters currently running.

This makes me feel very old.

I remember being on the train to Nottingham, on the way to visit the show in the days when it was in the middle of town. Our transport reversed at Derby and so paused in the platform. Ahead of us was a new, shiny, Sprinter. Since we had a few minutes to wait I ran along the platform to take a look at this new wonder. It was clean and fresh, unlike the rattly DMU we travelled on.

The scene above shows the change from old to new. What would now be called a "heritage" DMU on the bay platform working the Stratford-on-Avon train. The main line is occupied with a 156 unit that will be going to Birmingham. Now the "modern" train is to be replaced with something new.

But do you feel a little nostalgia for the older set ? I do. OK, so they were rattly and smelly and badly maintained and draughty, but if you weren't travelling on them for work, who cared ? As long it wasn't winter or wet anyway. At least in those days the tickets were cheaper.

One day, da Kidz will get all nostalgic about these new trains. All this new colourfulness can't be as atmospheric as an old blue and grey DMU can they ?


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