Thursday, August 04, 2011

Boat club in Model Boats and cats on model shop counters

It's a bitza post today as I have a couple of tiddlers to blog. First up, the latest issue of Model Boats magazine features a write up I've produced on the Knightcote Model Boat Club. There's a brief history of the club from the days before the lake was dug, right up to the present day - a photo shows the new clubhouse being craned into position.

Photos show the lake and old premises and a couple of shots of our stand at the International Model Boat show. Hopefully it makes the club look interesting and dynamic which might spirit up a few more members. We aren't short of them at the moment but with the current average age, you need a supply of "young blood" to be on the safe side !

While looking for boat bits, we dropped in to Bob's Models in Solihull and I couldn't resist taking this photo which is just full of cute. The cat was sitting on the counter and while it didn't think much of the staffs attentions, despite them giving it a little pile of munchies to gobble, but the customers fuss is very welcome. There were two cats in the shop and so they can have a counter each. Very sensible.

ModelShop Cat

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