Monday, August 08, 2011

Cawood Station


The Cawood, Wistow & Selby Light Railway was my Father and I's first proper exhibition layout. I described Wistow Station some time ago and now have found a photo of the Cawood end.

Being the larger station we allowed it to spread over 2 baseboard, eventually. The MK 1 version was constrained to a single 4ft board but this proved too tight so modifications were made. Both versions weren't too far out in terms of design. The station layout was unusual in that the building was at the end and at right angles to, the platform.

Buildings for both stations were of the same design. Ours were Daler board covered with Superquick brick paper. This method can still provide very effective results if carefully carried out. I still have the block of buildings as it was too painful to throw out everything, so I chopped out the board surface to retain them and binned the rest. Some of the details have since been recycled to current layout which not only saves money but just seems nicer. These bit and pieces gave good service and deserve their place in the sun.

Anoraks might well wonder why I have a J94 and GWR 0-4-2 tank in charge of trains. My response is that that's what I had and they worked. The Lowmac bought from Beatties with a (removed) NCL trailer on it for 50p, Airfix tank wagon and once of my early Parkside vans probably still on it's plastic wheels (metal wheels came to the kits after I bought this one) complete the stock in the picture. I don't suppose many of my early wagons ran that well but we were proud of the layout and would have happily taken it to more shows. This didn't happen so we went on to build Melbridge Dock and the rest is history.

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