Thursday, August 25, 2011



The track base on my 009 layout now has more than a few softwood supports under it resulting in an effect that to my eyes looks a bit like Stonehenge but made from dead tree.

No ? Oh well, please yourself.

I'll be honest and admit that detailed planning hasn't played a huge part in this model. I sort of know what I want and am happy that the track will fit but apart from this it's all being done by eye. The supports are the metric equivalent of 2 inch wide wood, because that sort of looks right. It might be that inch and a half  or even slightly less would have been better but who knows.

What I do know is that track needs a good, solid surface if the model trains are to run properly. Much of the scenery will be made from insulation foam and I know it's pretty solid but in my heart I can't say I'd be as happy to fix the track to it as I am to use bits of wood. Has anyone out there tried odd-ball materials ?

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