Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eric the canal pusher tug and his barge

Barge and pusher tug

Spotted down on the river Avon was this very modelable pusher tug and barge. You don't see that many working boats these days and this combination stands out amongst the pleasure cruisers and tourist boats more common around here, especially in the summer.

Eric the tug

I can't tell you much about the two vessels other than approximate lengths. The barge is 60ft long and the tug around half this. I'd put the tug width at the same as other narrow boats - 7ft but the barge is much wider, possibly 12ft.

If anyone fancies a challenge, I have a nice shot of the tug control panel and barge interior to help, just get in touch.

Using some plasticard or even normal cardboard, I don't think these would be too difficult a project. In 4mm scale you could use a diecast digger to finish the model off. It would certainly break up a line of more traditional cruisers on a model railway.

Tug and barge - Starboard side

Avon Navigation Trust

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