Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plastic vs Paint stripper

Stripped 48DSFirst up for the fettling of this little model locomotive is to get all the old paint off it. Since my imagination had only stretched to a spray of black followed by a hint of weathering, this wasn't any loss.

After removing the SPUD and driver figure, the model was dunked in a pot of Nitromors. Almost immediately, the surface started to bubble and leave the brass. 5 minutes later I was cleaning it off under a running tap and looking at shiny metal.

It's at this point when I realised just how much plastic detailing I'd carried out. The bottoms of all the sides were left with the remains of microstrip. Behind the buffer beam a girder melted, on the cab sides the numberplate was not happy and even the rain strips were on their way out.

Maybe I'll replace some of this with metal detail but possibly not. After all, I don't intend to dunk it in the paint stripper again in a hurry !

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
If you spot Judith Edge's stand at an exhibition have a look through the box of odd etches that they have, they often have Ruston works plates in there. Just the thing to finish the loco off.
Paul (halfwit)