Friday, April 04, 2014

A message from Captain Black

To finish this weeks display of noisy gizmos, a little message from Captain Black.

For those who aren't fans of everything Gerry Anderson made for TV or film, Captain Black is a character in the series Captain Scarlet. More than this, he was the first Spectrum agent seen and after being killed on Mars, became the central villan for the series. Taken over by the Mysterons, he did bad stuff.

Look, if you need to know more, head over to Wikipedia where I've just spent 20 minutes reading all the stuff on the series and since it's Friday, so can you.

Anyway, the model Captain Black is a 12 inch tall plastic doll. Most people will have bought the series lead, Captain Scarlet, but I guess he will have said goodie goodie things. Black has far more interesting words eminating from the mechanism in his chest: "This is a the voice of the Mysterons", "We will take our revenge" and the one I've picked for the film above.

Feel free, by the way, to include this snippet in your next PowerPoint presentation. I think it might wake the audience up a bit...


Ubique Matt said...

Boo! Sorry old habits die hard, I always had to boo Captain Black when he came on the telly. Although with hindsight Black was a far more interesting character. Having seen the original model he's still as menacing as I remember. Short yes but still scary.

Phil Parker said...

Spot on. Possibly the only truly menacing puppet the Andersons ever made.

Boo Captain Black!