Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brush painting spray paint

I recently painted a model grey by spraying it with Halfords primer. It's lovely paint that applies straight from the can very well indeed.

The problem was that after a little hand lettering, I needed to touch up the grey. Only a little and that was the problem. Not enough to warrant masking and re-spraying. At this point I wished I'd used proper paint in tins.

Never mind, I decided to have a go with the primer. A little was sprayed in the cap and then picked up on an old brush. At first it was a bit thin but after about half a minute, the solvent seemed to evaporate leaving just paint. In the few second between becoming paint and becoming dry, I was able to tidy up my work with a matching shade.

OK, it's not perfect and I was working on wood which being porous is more forgiving, but it looks fine.

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