Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mastman Kit

Bantam Plastic Kit

The Mastman Models kit isn't a kit in the way railway modellers would understand the concept. It is exactly what you get in the model boat world however.

A vac-formed hull, deck and front fender are supplemented by a sheet of plasticard and some plans for the superstructure. Basically, it's an aid to scratch building rather than a shake the box model. I'm happy with this as it keeps the cost down and lets me build the boat I want.

Bantam Plastic Kit 2The idea is that the deck is trimmed to drop in to the top of the hull. As far as I can tell, this means that there will be a lip around the top edge - strong for a model and easy to build, but nothing like any of the real tugs.

Never mind, this is all fixable and since the hull is very good indeed and I certainly can't make anything better - it will form the basis for the model I want to build.

Running a ruler over the hull, the model works out at 1:24 scale, a normal one for boat modellers which should make buying a suitable captain easy.

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