Friday, April 25, 2014

Someone must love a Penny Post tram

The great tramcar sale continues over on eBay and we are gradually reducing the pile of Corgi diecast models and increasing the garden railway locomotive funds.

It's interesting to see which models are popular in the world of tram collectibles. I'd expected that the early models would be rarer than later ones and therefore more valuable. It seems the opposite is true.

Less surprising is the lack of interest in the 7mm scale American Birney trams. They are lovely models and fetch nothing. I can't understand why the 7mm narrow gauge fans aren't snapping them up, sticking a SPUD underneath and making NG railbuses out of them. Either that or stick a normal chassis underneath for an interesting coach.

The saddest model of the lot though, is this Penny Post commemorative tramcar. It's in it's box and lovely condition but now on the third re-listing as we try to find anyone who will over it a home for £4.99. Some one must collect stamps and postal memorabilia out there.

Go and have a look at all my current eBay auctions, it's not just trams!

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