Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Priming the Fowler

Primed brass bits

Right - First stalled project to come back to life is the Fowler diesel shunter.

The model is finished and ready for paint so I've started by priming all the brass bits. Normally I like to use an aerosol can for this but this doesn't seem smart around the mechanical bits. Quite frankly, the fact that these work as well as they do is a source of amazement to me and I'm not going to mess that up by squirting paint everywhere.

So, a brush on primer is called for and I dug out a pot of Humbrol number 1 acrylic. While it doesn't seem the grab the metal in the same way an etching primer does, it's fine for areas that won't be subject to handling such as the brake pull rods and guard irons.

Best of all, the brush can be cleaned up using water. I still used an old one though, just in case.

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