Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Keeping paint out of the cab

Paper maskingNot everything with the Fowler is going to plan.

For its last exhibition, I stuck the roof in place with a few small dots of superglue to stop it falling off while we ran the loco in its "Silver Jubilee Livery".

I'd painted the interior but thought that I could break the weak glue joints later and mask the inside properly.

Stupid superglue. I'd need a chisel to break these joints. Why aren't they this strong when I want them to be?

Anyway, the roof isn't coming off so I've disguised the joins with more glue and a touch of Deluxe Materials filler.

Before I spray the body, to keep the paint out of the cab, I've stuffed it full of small bits of kitchen roll. Not nearly as good as tape but at least they cover the worst of the detail. I just hope it's still there when I gently pull them out later!

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