Saturday, April 05, 2014

Central Tramway - Scarborough

Central TramwayScarborough has three funicular railways. For reasons I can't explain, although I'm sure someone can in the comments, the one on the right as you look at the town from the sea is called the "Central Tramway".

Maybe it's because the top station is the nearest to the centre of town unlike the other two which don't seem to take you anywhere useful at all.

I love a funicular. Many years ago, I built a model version I was rather proud of. If I see a cliff tramway, I can't help but want to ride on it even if it's just a return trip without getting out at the top or bottom.

As it happens, in March, Central was the only one operating.

Funicular TrackFor 80p you enjoy a short ride along the 234 feet of track, rising or falling on a 1 in 2.8 gradient. For enthusiasts, the track gauge is 4ft 8.5inches (standard gauge) and the system is driven by a 60hp motor.

The cars are made from aluminium and date from 1975, built by George Neville Truck Equipment of Kirby in Ashfield. These replaced a pair damaged by fire.

How do I know all this? Well at the top station, you can buy a set of postcards and an excellent history book on the line recently produced after the 2012 refurbishment that saw the return of the maroon and cream livery used in the early days.

This is a lovely little line, sandwiched between buildings including an ugly amusement arcade. The view over the bay is great and it's a lot easier than climbing the steps from the front the town too!

There's an excellent website for the Central Tramway too.

Funicular Top



Jaymes Crowther said...

Hi Phil.

Cliff railways are interesting for sure. I use the one at Bridgnorth fairly regularly. If your interested you can get a static model of one similar to the Scarborough cliff railway i'm pretty sure its 1/144 I'll try dig a link out for you

all the best.


Phil Parker said...

Nice model of the Bridgenorth tramway here: