Thursday, April 24, 2014

Painting a 16mm scale guard Part 2

16mm GuardRailway uniforms tend to be black so I gave the guard a quick once-over with some Humbrol 33 after picking out his shirt in 147.

On it's own, the black looks a bit stark so I left it half an hour and dry-brushed with No.69. Getting this done before the base coat is fully dry allows the two to mix slightly hopefully avoiding any sharp colour changes whilst taking the edge off the black.

I probably over-did it a bit but then on my garden line, the uniforms are like the rest of the place, a little tired and care-worn.

Anyway, the flag is a nice bright grass green - these things are very loud in real life for good reason. It's  attached to a pale brown stick as the ones I've seen aren't the dark brown you get from track colour.

The cap badge is gold paint dabbed on with the end of a small screwdriver. Easier than a paint brush and there's no clean up afterwards.

Finally a shot of matt varnish unified the look and he's ready to signal trains out of the station.

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