Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Station sounds from QSI

Another gizmo for your delectation. Just like yesterdays, this one came from a second hand stall but it only cost £2.50 and it actually works.

QS Industries in America produced this little device that provides a random selection of typical station noises - announcements, clanging bells, babies crying, nearby motor traffic etc. Just give it some juice, I used a 9V battery even though it says 12V, and it will sit there making sound all day. The sounds are pretty convincing, although that baby is a bit loud. I like the echo on the announcements though.

Inside there is some pretty sophisticated electronics including a big chip labeled "Train Station" (yes, I know, I hate the phrase too) so presumably other sounds are available. Sadly, the website is a bit short of information so I can tell you know more.

Sound circuit

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Paul_C said...

Don't underestimate just how loud babies are!