Friday, April 11, 2014

Painted Fowler

Painted Fowler

Look at this - I've painted the Fowler shunter at last!

After a blast of Halfords grey primer, the black comes from a Revell spray can - 34302 silk matt Black. Once left to dry overnight, the result was a very nice, smooth finish. I was quite impressed.

The red bits are Humbrol red satin varnished - all applied by brush. The red isn't really a deep enough colour but the easiest way to get this is their gloss paint and that takes an age to dry. Once weathered, it will be fine.

Transfers are some old waterslide ones. The silvering behind the letters doesn't show in real life nearly as much as it does in the photo. Pedants will point out that on the real loco the letters were gold but unshaded and the number should also be sans serief.

I don't care for a couple of reasons:
  • I had these to hand and din't have to go any buy more.
  • I prefer this to the correct versio, especially the number 2 which looks nasty in real life.
If I must have an excuse, I'll say that I'm assuming a repaint at some point before the loco moved to whichever ficticious bit of track I'm claiming it is being run on.

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