Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A look in the box

Kit Bits

The Sgt's Mess kit seems a bit of a bargain to me. The main parts of the train are cleanly cast in resin. Detail items are whitemetal, again, cleanly cast with no flash. A set of 7 nicely sculpted crew figures is also included.

Obviously the first job is to put the model together without glue. Just to test the part fit you understand and not 'cos I'm a big kid who likes to see what it will look like far too early in the process.

Some casting runners need to be removed (photo tomorrow) but this is the work of a few minutes. After this, all the major bits seem to sit together very nicely.

Raw Bits



Bill Luty said...

After yesterday's blog I looked at their website. They have some very interesting items, and they look nicely cast too. I found the Frech Cafe set particularly appealing, from the description obviously modelled on 'allo 'allo. Trouble is the figures are described as 20mm, I assume they do vary slightly to mirror the different heights of real people. But based on a straight conversion, 20mm would be too big for 3mm and too small for 4mm scales. Could be just about right for HO. I have a friend who has a french cafe on his ng layout, unfortunately he models in 4mm. Any observations Phil on the suitability of 20mm figures in general?

Phil Parker said...

Well, 20mm is 5ft in 4mm scale or over 6ft 6 in 3mm. I'd say that a OO modeller would be best placing these figures towards the back of the layout for a little forced perspective.

Also, test them beside doors. Some model building doors are shorter than they should be so a shorter figure will look better than a normal sized one.