Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Video Phil in BRM Live

Magazines have changes.

Once upon a time I submitted an article on paper by sticking it in an envelope along with some photographs. Now they fly across the Interwebs and never appear on paper until the finished piece rolls off the productions presses.

Beyond this though, we are seeing a move to abandon paper altogether. BRM Live is an electronic publication available to iPad users for £3.99. Inside are photo articles on a couple of layouts, some reviews, a bit of kit building.

And me.

I've filmed a couple of pieces on Edgworth - one involves me explaining and demonstrating the Edgeworth (and Melbridge Dock) leg system. You can't really show this at an exhibition as the layout is sat on top of it. People peer underneath but I think very few really get how it works no matter how enthusiastic I am with the explanation.

After this, there is a neat film showing how Edgeworth is set up with speeded up film. It all happened in two takes - we moved the camera part way through so viewers could see the fascia assembled. I'm quite pleased with this sequence. It looks good and nothing went obviously wrong when we filmed it. I don't even look too much like an idiot.

There's also some readable stuff showing how to do a bit of scenery and a few conclusions and improvements I would make to the layout were I to do it again.

Anyway, if you have an iPad (won't work on Android as far as I can tell. Boo) then get yourself some top interactive action .

More on BRM Live 3 at RMWeb.


Iain Robinson said...

This looks interesting! Will you be wearing daft multi-coloured socks or a strange hat now that you are a celebrity presenter ? :-) Seriously though, looking forward to seeing this.

I rejoice in the digitisation of the article writing/submission process. A pity that some other publishers don't even have an email while others just can't get round to working out how to open what one has sent them by the wonders of modern technology.... Good to know that it still comes down to humans in the end!

Apple Tree said...

This looks really good but seems a bit limited in who can see it.
Can you not just download it to a Windows PC or how about a Smart TV ?

Phil Parker said...

Not sure about other devices. This is set by the company we buy the app from. It's not an in-house job, we upload the content and they do the rest.