Saturday, June 14, 2014

Elham Valley Railway Museum


So I'm tootling through the Kent countryside with RMweb's Andy York and we spot a sign for a railway museum. There's no name but none of us can think of a museum in the area. A little navigational jiggery-pokery later we head up a country lane and spot this.

A funicular car in what appears to be a garden. Either that, or the track is going to be anchored on the moon one day. Perhaps this is an early attempt at a space elevator?

As it turns out, the carriage is part of the Elham Valley Railway museum. Sadly, it was closed mid-week so all we could do was look over the hedge at the Channel Tunnel works trains also on the site. If you are in the area at a weekend or bank holiday, it looks worth a visit though.

Personally, I think this is a cracking garden ornament. A very different type of garden railway...

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