Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cow-a-vanba, it's BRM!

It's time for the paper copy of British Railway Modelling again - electronic copies have been knocking  around for several days already but on this blog we don't consider publication has taken place until we see some dead tree.

Well, in magazine terms anyway.

Obviously the blog is published when the electrons are born. Moving on...

This time you can feast on a cow-van special from my workbench.

Parlimentary Cow Van

First up we have a laser-cut and laser-etched kit for a LNWR 19th Century cattle wagon from Parliamentary Trains. It's an odd-ball prototype from a time that most people wouldn't consider modelling. Even on O gauge, this isn't a huge vehicle but as you can see, it makes up very nicely.

IOM Cow Van
O gauge not big enough for you? Well try this Isle of Man cattle van from IP Engineering in G scale. More laser cutting but in plywood this time, the finished model is a substantial 25 1/2 CM over the ends. Lots of wood and metal for your money here.
I've also carried on looking at couplings, this time it's a drop-in replacement for the standard tension-lock hook from PH Designs.
And finally, if all this weren't enough, the magazine comes with a free scenery guide. In here, you'll find out how I built one of my favourite projects for a long while - a little diorama based around a Nissen Hut. It's 7mm again, although the parts are available in 4mm too, and (to my eye) has come up really well showing that even in a small space, you can have some enjoyable modelling.
Nissen Hut
Loads of good stuff for only £3.75 - Find out more at the BRM Website.

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