Monday, June 02, 2014

Mystery items from Beatties


A couple of additions to my collection of stuff from the defunct chain of model shops, Beatties, have me stumped. What are they?

On the left the hollow tubes are 11mm long and 2mm in diameter along most of the length.

The springs are 10mm along the top edge and 9mm on the legs.

Being a general model shop they could be railway or R/C car parts but I can't see what. Suggestions welcome. I will say that they represented excellent investments for someone. I paid 99p for each packet including postage on eBay, so quite a return!


Mark said...

The tubes on the left look almost like the bits you get in flat-pack furniture that you push into the vertical walls to support the shelves. No idea what they could be used for in the modelling world though!

Jackofallhobbies said...

I think they are shelf supports. As for the wire..... no idea. What shape is the wire in (geometric shape, not general condition)?

Anonymous said...

The pack on the left look like point electrification clips. They go between the stock rail and the switch rail, ensuring electrical connection. Fleischmann have (had) them on their Profi track.

Anonymous said...

The tubes look like the ferrules that used to be soldered on the end of a wire that was then inserted into a track connector, Tri-ang Series 3 or Super 4 days.
The springs certainly look like those used on points. I have some smaller versions on Minitrix points.
Did Beatties at one time have their own range of track ? Otherwise the spares would have been in the manufacturers packaging.
Brian G

Jason Brown said...

Could they be from Scalextric or something similar? Those tubes look like the pins that were placed in the slot. Whilst the wire could be something to do with suspension.

They don't seem to be anything model railway related that I've ever come across. And Beatties used to sell Scalextric and remote control models.

Stuart Firth said...

Googled the Beatties reference number on the pack of wire things - There's one on ebay listed as Coupling hooks and holders x 4. They don't really look like couplings though. Can't see the other number in full.