Thursday, June 05, 2014

Swann Morton Retractable handle


My favorite model making knife has long been the Swann Morton scalpel. It sits well in the hand and is easily controllable. There is a wide variety of blades available but I prefer 10A as some of the thinner ones break too easily in my clumsy hands.

While the standard stainless handle is fine, for the last few years, I've been using the retractable version. This allows the blade to be safely stored away to protect the cutting edge when knocking around the workbench keeping it sharp for longer.

The chunkier handle is easy to grip and a nice weight. It feels solid in use.

My last handle died because some Pound Shop Epoxy got in to the mechanism and I've been searching for a replacement for some time - not having a need to place an order with anyone who sells them, I hoped to spot one on a trade stand at an exhibition. This finally happened at the weekend.

As it happens, I was chatting to one of my many friends called Brian. He'd not seen the tool before and immediately ordered 2 of them. Sadly, the trader only had one but being a top bloke, Brian deferred to me. Fortunately the trader (Modellers Mate) was able to promise to put a couple in the post during the week so Brian won't suffer too long.

As you can see, I am now a happy owner again and thanks to the magic of digital photography, you can see the tool in its three stages - closed, in use and open for blade changing.

Well recommended. A quick search on-line shows Hannants as a seller.


Anonymous said...

Brian G. says

I get all my knives and blades from this seller
Just a satified customer.

neil said...

I've seen one with a retractable blade- I keep mine with the pointy bit in a champagne cork

Phil Parker said...

Brian - Looks like a useful website, I will be investigating further.

Neil - Presumably ONLY an champagne cork will do?

neil whitehead said...

I've tried others - a rather inferior Beaujolais actually rusted the blade - so only the best, Dom Perignon of course, will do.