Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hornby shop, Margate

Here be HornbyI can't talk about model shops without mentioning the one attached to Hornby's premises in Margate.

To find it, you have to go around the side of the building - to the right as you look at the front door. Don't worry, there are signs pointing you to the visitors centre (I'll post about this tomorrow).

Inside, as you might expect, there is as full a range of Hornby products as can expect to find anywhere. After all, if they can't get it who can?

Locos, and rolling stock are on the shelves and possibly the only display devoted to the under-rated SkaleScenics products I've ever seen.

Look, lots of toy trains!

This probably sounds like a terrible factory shop set-up, a bit like the one attached to the Cadbury museum. Unlike this one, a trip around the visitors centre hadn't put me off the products. In fact, had I not been working, I would have happily browsed the shelves for an hour or so.
What you get from a trip here is an idea of the range of items produced by the Hornby GROUP. Airfix, Corgi, Scalextric and Humbrol stuff fills the shelves. If I lived nearby I'd never have to worry about running out of paint for a start.
For bargain hunters, there were some shelves of discounted items - mostly Airfix products as I recall from a quick look, but I assume this changes over time so it would be worth dropping in occasionally.

Hornby Visitor Centre website

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