Monday, June 30, 2014

Carriages with guns

Carriages with guns

The RH&DR armoured train packs a punch!

People who know about these things tell me the fat gun nearest the camera is a Lewis gun with the other one being a Bren. Not sure what the different or significance is but I'm sure you'd want to be at the trigger end rather then the other.

The Lewis is fitted to a pole so it can be swung around. The Bren is on a circular rail which I assume rotates. There is a fitting for a second weapon here, apparently a Boyes anti-tank rifle for when the Bosh are coming up the beach.

Fitting the guns is a superglue job. The Bren is moulded in to the soldier figure whereas the Lewis is a separate item. I've tested it with the figure and recon that the white metal support will bend to accommodate him.

(Information on guns picked up from the GnATTERbox forum)


Anonymous said...

Phil, it is difficult to see on the photo, but all the guns look like the Lewis type, i.e. with a round ammunition magazine lying flat on top of the gun. A Bren magazine is a quarter (?) of a circle and is vertical like a coxcomb. The Bren gun barrel is more rifle size than the Lewis, which looks like a large piece of pipe. Regards Barry Johnson

Vintage Wargaming said...

The bren is in fact a Boys anti tank rifle

Vintage Wargaming said...

The second gun is the Boys anti tank rifle, not a bren.