Monday, June 16, 2014

RAF Manston History Museum

Manston MuseumOn the edge of Manston Airport in Kent, there are a pair of museums dedicated to old aircraft. One of these is the RAF Manston Museum.

Housed in an old building, it's a little bit home-spun but in the best way possible. Greeted by volunteer staff, you are pointed in the direction of the exhibits having been relieved for a measly £1.50 entrance fee.

Both inside and out, there are sections of real aircraft and support vehicles. Most of the flying machines have been chopped off behind the cockpit apart from a Jaguar, couple of helicopters and a Canadian jet fighter.

It's possible to poke your head in to the Victor to get a feel for the conditions enjoyed by the crew. I was taken by the idea that special inflatable cushions were built to get those not supplied with ejector seats into a standing position so they could jump out.

Inside Manston

One of the rarer exhibits is the remnants of a bouncing bomb, presumably the test version. It's very different from the object dropped in the 1955 film when the details were still top secret.

Bouncing Bomb

Anyway, we don't normally do aircraft museums on this blog, no matter how good they are. This one gets a place as a model shop. As well as a fine range of books and souvenirs, they stock lots of plastic kits. Mostly aircraft obviously, but one of two others from the Airfix range. In addition, there are racks of Humbrol enamel and acrylic paints plus glues, filler and brushes.

Not too difficult a place to fin - you'll know you are there when you spot the V1 bomb on a stick outside the door. If you need even more aeroplanes, on the other side of the car park is the Spitfire & Hurricane museum - free to go in and also fascinating.

RAF Manston History Museum Website

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Apple Tree said...

Can I put in a plug please for what I used to know as the Mosquito Museum but has broadened to include all aircraft made by the De Havilland Company.

Not just Mosquito but Bucaneer, Dove, Heron, various Moths, the jet Comet and much more. Oh, yes and it does have lots of plane kits for sale as well.
Just north of London near St. Albans.