Thursday, September 15, 2016

Big and small models in BRM

Gauge 3 railway wagon

This is the biggest model railway wagon I have ever built. A Gauge 3 resin and steel kit from Williams Models. Great fun to do, although there's quite a lot of actual modelling since the interior has to be added as the manufacturer intends a coal load to cover everything.

Result, a great big, chunky model. I love it.

009 Loco

Somewhat smaller is this freelance 009 locomotive scratchbuilt around a TU-KOPPEL RTR chassis.

Bit of a challenge this as I had to find a prototype for the tiny wheels. I've mentioned this on the blog before and to be honest it's been a real struggle. The best choice would have been one of the Groudle Glen locos but they wouldn't look right circling Owen's Bridge.

Working model Moles and Swans

Finally we have working moles. Yes, real 4mm scale (actually 3.5mm) moles that pop up out of their holes. Sticking with the wildlife theme, there is a set of swans swimming around a pond. Both are built from kits and would add a bit of entertainment to any layout.

You can see the mole diorama in operation in the extra section of the DVD. 

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