Monday, September 19, 2016

Clever design from Ratio

Building the factory for my N gauge layout, I'ver picked the Ratio pum/boiler house kit. 

Opening the box I realised (yes, I probably should have spotted this earlier) that the building is based on thier engine shed. To turn it into a boiler house, you get some extra mouldings to fill in the ends and some side windows. 

Very clever. Best of all, some of the extra parts such as the chimney can be sold as kits on thier own. 

Assembly was quick - all done in about an hour and half sat around the MRC chatting table. There's plenty of scope for kit-bashing too. Adding a door in the side that opens out on to a platform wouldn't be too hard. I quite fancy having a more in depth go at this one day. 

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Huw Griffiths said...

Building a kit at your club sounds like an interesting idea.

I guess the next steps would be to persuade another club member to take photos - perhaps even video the build / chat about the kit, the layout and modelmaking in general.

(Saying that, probably best to leave certain contentious topics out of any conversation.)

I suspect that some people would be happy to go along with this.