Friday, September 30, 2016

I've got an E-type!

Scalecraft E-type Jaguar

Thank you eBay. I don't remember how this happened, but in recent months I've been watching out for plastic kits by the firm Scalecraft. 

Railway modellers will know them for producing a OO gauge Roadrailer kit sold by Peco back in the 1960s. Not a bad model and still commanding money second hand, no matter how many people rattle on on RMweb about there being a demand for a RTR version. 

But, they also produced motorised kits which are far more exciting. Looking at these, I realised that I'd owned one as a kid. Specifically, I'd owned an E-type Jaguar. Looking at the photos, I remembered the slightly rubbery plastic, and for no real reason, the headlamps. 

Now, after waiting for something at a price I can justify, I have another. 

I've always loved the E-type. While the real thing will always be out of my price range, and I know all the horror stories about it's machnicals if I ever do come into money, it's the most beautiful car ever made. Even prettier than a Beetle. 

The Scalecraft version appears to be a rally car with its numbers and roof-mounted spotlight. Did anyone ever rally these? It would seem to be like attaching a thorougbred horse to a dray. 

Anyway, like it's prototype, the model is rear wheel drive with a motor that was probably slick but cheap for it's day. I need to fix the door-mounted switch before I give it a run but that looks like a little soldering a bodgery should do it. 

OK, it's not the best model in the world, but it looks nice on the shelf and means something to me. At least that's my excuse for spending money on toys. 


David Smith said...

Wow, I'vw got one of those electric motors in my scrap box. Always wondered where it came from.

James Finister said...

At least one competed in the Monte Carlo rally In fact it is often forgotten that in '56 a Jag won the Monte Carlo event as well as Le Mans - though a Mk VII not a D-type.

I loved these models as a kid. I had the floatplane, the MTB, the Go kart and the army truck but there were others I really wanted, like the paddlesteamer. I I think they also did an earlier roadster version of the E-type

Phil Parker said...

Well that's 15 minutes lost to looking through that phot album!

The paddle steamer is on my "want" list. There's one on the Roxey Mouldings stand at shows raising money for a real paddler.

Kelly Harding said...

Yes, most cars like this were used for rally in the late 50s into the late 60s iirc.

It was quite common for independent driver/navigator teams to use such cars iirc until rallying moved to 4x4 cars like the quattro.

The layout of the e type would have leant itself iirc well to hill climb rallies, as the driver sat further back putting more weight towards the rear, which is more important for hill climb.