Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Hollymoor Asylum

Asylum name

As I mentioned on Saturday, I spent a day in an asylum!

OK, it's the remains of an asylum, but ever since I was researching Hellingly, I have been interested in the subject. Given the chance to poke around, I couldn't resist.

Water Tower

The main feature left standing is the water tower,(stationary) engine shed building and workshops. There are also the old Doctors and clerks offices, which is where the model railway show was held.

On the walls of these there were paintings and a map providing more information about the site.

Building painting

Building painting 2

The chapel is interesting too as it has a striped roof - a tile effect also seen on the Bachmann Pendon range Snell's Hall. I wondered how accurate this was, but looking at this roof - pretty good.


I'm not going to provide a history of the site, because I can't do better than this one

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