Friday, September 02, 2016

Hero of the footplate

Painted driver

Driving the Barclay is this slightly camp figure from the Border Miniatures "Heroes of the Footplate" range. I'm not sure if these are still available, the website seems to have vanished.

FC6 - loco driver suitable for a 1920 industrial engine is a whitmetal casting with alternative arms. Drilling a hole in his shoulder allowed me to superglue the arm so his hand is just touching the regulator. The pose is natural and relaxed, just right for a driver to chugs around on his loco all day and has long since stopped getting excited about it. 

Flesh tones are from Lifecolor, everything else Humbrol. Final wash of black, Citadel Miniatures.

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Anonymous said...

According to his blog, the range has been sold to Invertrain :