Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday - Chubb's Lock Works

Chubbs Lock Works

You can't visit Wolverhampton, at least by train, and not be impressed by Chubb's Lock Works. This imposing red brick building stands the other side of the canal from the station and impossible to miss. 

Chubb's moved in to the Railway Street building in 1899. At the time it housed 350 lock and safe makers. 

I believe the building is now home to a lock making museum, but can't find details on-line. Can anyone help? 


Ubique Matt said...

There is no lock museum in the Chubb buildings as far as I know, it's occupied cinema, bar, offices cafe etc.

There is a lock museum in nearby Willenhall though:

Duncan Young said...

A superb buidling Phil, well captured.