Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weathering bauxite

LMS Van 1

I've a fair bit of airbrushing kit in for review at the moment so needed a project or two to test it on. From the maturing cupboard, I found a nearly completed Parkside LMS van which seemed like a good candidate. 

First up, a spray with Railmatch LMS bauxite. This is noticeably less red than the red oxide printer I usually employ and like all their paints dries to a transfer-friendly semi-matt finish.To be honest, with Press-fix lettering this isn't required, but waterslide is a different matter. 

Anyway, weathering started with dry-brush of dark grey (Humbrol 67) then a wash of Lifecolor dark brown acrylic. This blobbed on the surface rather horribly, repulsed by the smooth paint. A quick spray of Testors Dullcote sorted that and with a microscopically rough finish, the paint flowed well into the nooks and crannies. After drying, the effect was pretty good. Many people would have stopped there. 

LMS Van 2

I couldn't of course so once the acrylic was dry, there was much spraying with enamels - pale brown lower down, black up top and track colour everywhere. These came out a bit subtle so I may wish to revisit the model again one day. As it is, the browns are pale enough that this is probably a wagon running in the summer when the rain doesn't turn dirt to sludge.


Stuart said...

Sorry Phil I may be a wagon pedant but they switched to small lettering before they changed from grey to bauxite. I'm not saying it never happened but the rule of thumb for the LMS is grey-large lettering, bauxite-small lettering. Small appeared on grey wagons over the coming years but large on bauxite is very unlikely. Lovely work as ever though.

Phil Parker said...

Pedant away. I thought I'd got this one right according to the instructions but won't claim to be an expert. For the minute, it lives in the stock box but maybe one day I'll need another wagon to paint and it can go grey.