Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wagon loads in The Collector

Way back in the 1970s, TV show Blue Peter had a model railway.

Every year they also published an annual and in one of these, John Noakes (I think) showed the reader how to make loads for model railway wagons. The only one I can remember was pipes made from pasta tubes, but there were others.

This half-remembered spread was in my mind when I started on my piece on wagon loads for the latest issue of "The Collector", the house magazine of the Hornby Collectors Club.

For the first of the two-part series, I'm looking at mining stuff - coal, coke, ore and pit props.

I've tried to show a variety of methods for making each load and also explain niceties such as how much you get in each wagon.

Next month, other loads.


Duncan Young said...

Peter Purves (and originally Christopher Trace) did the model railway bit on Blue Peter. John Noakes jumped out of perfectly servicable aeroplanes!

matt scrutton said...

I've got the annual with the model railway somewhere.