Monday, September 12, 2016

Leaving rail lying around

There has been some trackwork taking place around Leamington recently. I'm not sure where, but the soon to be installed rails litter the sidings around the station. 

The photo shows a stock/switch rail set. Further along there is another set and most of the parts to build a turnout. I'm not sure I've seen modelled before - or maybe I have but not realised it. Will look harder in future. 


While looking at the track, I also noticed the rails were being retained by U-shaped metal "keys".

Are these new? Doubtless some permanent way enthusiast will be able to tell me more.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Looks like they are simply renewing the S&C in stages as part of overnight possessions, the piece in the first pictures is a half set of switches, probably just maintenance work.

The keys aren't new I think, they are pretty rusty and aren't in fully, these is so much variation in key design that they are simply what was at the Depot at the time!

Simon Paley