Thursday, September 22, 2016

Seed scoop

Seed scoop

A couple of years ago, while visiting the Sunday bird market in Hong Kong (get me, so cosmopolitan), I picked up a couple of seed scoops. 

These looked like they had modelling uses and they were cheap and light enough to find space in my luggage. 

Finally, I actually used one - for directing small amounts of flock powder along the edge of a building whilst avoiding the trackwork right next to it. 

Trouble is, now I have a useful tool, I'd like to point people in the right direction to buy their own. "Head to the Hong Kong cage bird market" isn't much help and Google isn't any better. 

Has anyone any ideas? 


Kelly Harding said...

You could try looking for a seed bead scoop used for jewellery making (my other hobby).

dana gill said...

I'm sure you could make one out of tin by forming a pattern for one over a gouge for wood . once you got the pattern , place it over tin sheets or copper sheets of suitable thickness and cut it out . that way you can solder one up and bobs your uncle. it might not be the same as wood gouges are different size's and lengths but I'm sure you can find one similar to your bird feed scoop.

Phil Parker said...

I'll admit beating one of these out of a metal sheet would be fun...