Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Chris's mower repairs

Chris's Mower Repairs

Regular readers will know my enthusiasm for corrugated iron, or wobbly tin, buildings. 

This beauty is found on the edge of the posh Midlands town of Knowle. Sitting on what must be prime building land 5 minutes walk from the high street and it's excellent artisan bakery, how this slightly shabby structure survives is a mystery, but I'm glad it does. 

Peeling green (of course) paint doesn't go down well with the residents I'm sure, but it works for me. I'm sure that in a few years time there will be an identikit executive house here with a BMW on the drive, but for the moments we celebrate a building of character.. 

Have a look on Google Street View.  It looked a lot smarter in 2008!

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