Sunday, November 25, 2018

Exeter Garden Railway show 2018

Lined Garratt

Off to the cattle market for Exeter show. The new development this year is that the massive "Bring and Buy" stand just inside the door doesn't open until half an hour after the show starts, A good move as it allows us all to get inside out of the cold without having to fight through crowds fighting for bargainz.

It's interesting travelling around the country for garden shows to see how the trade changes at each one. You see a few people in the south who wouldn't find it viable to travel north and vice versa. Obviously, my job is to chat to as many as possible, and also to talk to visitors to try to encourage them to write for Garden Rail.

It's always fun to do this, and if you do see me at a show, come over for a chat. One gent recently said he'd seen me at an event and didn't know whether he should come over - the answer is always yes. I do my best, but starting dozens of conversations every day doesn't come naturally to me, so it's nice to be talked to.

Scratchbuilt electric loco Sid

Anyway, I have bagged some more words for the mag. The first arrived in the post 2 days later!

The show is good, but the catering is superb but provided the only missed opportunity of the day. Sitting down at an empty table with a delicious lasgne, I was joined by someone with venison casserole. I was at a show where they serve venison casserole! Beats a greasy burger any day.

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I think that should be a Ford Zepher