Monday, November 05, 2018

Still fighting the boat kit and bringing out the big guns

This kit is fighting all the way. A sensible, or at least pragmatic, person would chuck it in the bin. If I hadn't booked it into a show, I might well have done this, but since I have, I'm not going to let it beat me. 

With the hull/deck/bulwark sandwich completed, there is an ugly join line around the middle to hide. I could use filler, but as this is a tugboat, a nice, fat rubbing strip seemed a better bet. I've also a stock of plastic strip bought because it looked useful a few years ago. The odd length has found a purpose, but here is a chance for it to star in a build. 

As you can see, the strip isn't very flexible and the line isn't that straight so there was lots of clamping required. Little clamps are good, but they don't have the reach so it's time for the full-size woodworking clamps. Also lashings of glue. 

Glue hardened, it's a long way from perfect. Look head on and the rubbing strip isn't level all the way around. From most normal angles, this doesn't show, so I've decided to live with it. Yes, this makes me a bad person, but if I don't, the hull goes in the bin. 

Looking along the deck, it's obviously twisted slightly so a horrible bodge to pull it down around 3mm in the front left corner of the hole which the superstructure will cover is required. A strip is glued to the hull with solvent and epoxy. Once dry, the deck is bent, clamped and glued. It's still not perfectly level, but very close. 

Phil: 1 Kit: 0

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